Interview Questions


VLSI domain is an evolving industry and is also known to be the foundation of all industries because most of the industries are now dependent on computers which means linked to the semiconductor domain. It’s a vast industry that works in different sub-domains like design, verification (IP, sub-system, SoC, formal verification, etc), physical design, DFT, FPGA, etc.

Preparation for the interview for your interested domain not only needs a good amount of understanding about a subject but also different processes that companies adopt to shortlist the candidates. Mostly, experienced candidates are expected to give 3-5 interview rounds or more depending on company selection criteria. For new college graduates, companies either provide job opportunities or internships for typically 6 months – 1 year period. Later based on candidate’s performance and vacancies for the job role, they are converted to full-time employees. As a part of the first round, screening can happen based on a written test or directly screening an interview based on the company’s policy. Companies also check how do you approach particular problems with real-time scenarios or by quick puzzles.

Depending on the Job description there can be various topics that candidates need to cover. It includes Digital Electronics, Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, Assertions, TLM, Coverage, Physical Design, Design for Testability (DFT), Static Timing Analysis (STA), etc. Nowadays, computer architecture (Caching mechanism, coherency protocols, pipeline concept, parallelism, memories, etc) plays an important role in the development of processors or controllers.

We tried to provide the most commonly asked interview question in the Verification domain in three categories – Basic, Intermediate, and Difficult level questions for Verilog, SystemVerilog languages, and UVM methodology.

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