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All user-defined sequence items are extended from the uvm_sequence_item class as it leverages generating stimulus and has control capabilities for the sequence-sequencer mechanism.

uvm_sequence_item class hierarchy

uvm_sequence_item hierarchy

As shown in the above diagram, uvm_sequence_item is derived from the uvm_transaction class.

It supports all methods like copy, compare, clone, print, etc as discussed in the UVM object section.

uvm_sequence_item example

class seq_item extends uvm_seqeunce_item;
  rand int        value;
  rand color_type colors;
  rand byte       data[4];
  rand bit [7:0]  addr;
    `uvm_field_int(value, UVM_ALL_ON)
    `uvm_field_string(names, UVM_ALL_ON)
    `uvm_field_enum(color_type, colors, UVM_ALL_ON)
    `uvm_field_sarray_int(data, UVM_ALL_ON)
    `uvm_field_int(addr, UVM_ALL_ON)
  function new(string name = "my_object");