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The most frequently asked UVM interview questions are listed below

Basic Level Questions

  1. Why do we need UVM methodology?
  2. Difference between uvm_object and uvm_component
  3. Difference between uvm_transaction and uvm_sequence_item
  4. Difference between create and new()
  5. Difference between copy and clone
  6. Difference between uvm_resource_db and uvm_config_db
  7. What is severity and verbosity in UVM?
  8. Difference between sequence and sequencer.
  9. How to run any test case in UVM?

Intermediate level questions

  1. What are the UVM factory and its use?
  2. Why phases are introduced in UVM? What are all phases present in UVM?
  3. What approach does build_phase use and why?
  4. Draw and explain the verification environment in UVM.
  5. What all UVM phases take time?
  6. What all phases are functions and tasks in UVM?
  7. Why do we use the super’ keyword in phases likes super.build_phase, super.main_phase etc?
  8. Difference between `uvm_do and `uvm_rand_send.
  9. What are bottom-up and top-down approaches in UVM phases?
  10. How do uvm_config_db set/get work?
  11. What is an analysis port?
  12. When pre_body and post_body used in sequence
  13. What is an active and passive agent?
  14. Difference between UVM subscriber and UVM scoreboard
  15. What is uvm objection and why do we need it?
  16. What is a sequence item in UVM?
  17. Explain how the sequence starts.
  18. How do sequence, driver, and sequencer communicate?
  19. What are lock and grab methods?
  20. What are the RAL model and its application?
  21. What do you mean by the front-door and back-door register access?
  22. What is TLM?
  23. What is TLM FIFO?
  24. What is run_test?
  25. Explain generalized code structure for UVM monitor and scoreboard.
  26. What is an in-order and out-of-order scoreboard?

Difficult level questions

  1. Difference between p_sequencer and m_sequencer
  2. What is the virtual sequence? Is it necessary to have virtual sequencer for virtual sequence?
  3. Explain the virtual sequencer and its use.
  4. What is the UVM barrier and its usage?
  5. What is the UVM heartbeat and its usage?
  6. What is SIngleton object and its usage?